NBA 2K21 Passing Tips

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The NBA 2K21 has been released for around a week, have you started the exciting basketball matches? Passing is an important skill in the game, and each movement may make sense for your shooting, here are some NBA 2k21 passing tips for getting better in competitions. 


Jump Shot

Try to take down the jump ball at the beginning as much as possible, so you have to send a high center to fight for the high jump. After all, the center's jumping ability and flexibility are relatively good. If there is a small forward with excellent physical fitness in the team, you can also send him to participate in the jump ball. The technical content of the jump ball itself is low. When the referee throws the basketball up the next moment, you immediately press the key 4 to take off, and you will have a greater chance to win the ball. The key to winning the ball is to see the jumping time (the faster one has the advantage) and the jumping ability. After winning the ball, pass the ball forward as soon as possible. After all, the main purpose of the opening game is to try the hand feel, so there is no need to be afraid of hands and feet. Best jumpshot in NBA 2K21 and more details are available on, which is also a good place to buy NBA 2K21 MT if you are requiring it. 



"Out of bounds, out of bounds, or out of bounds." obviously, the success rate of this generation of air relay has been lowered. In the versions before 2k17, as long as our catcher runs to the basket and is about 50cm away from the opponent's defender, he can receive the ball smoothly. First of all, there are still not too many specifications for passers-by. As long as you pass the midfield, you can throw the accurate air relay pass by clicking the key 4 twice in a row. As for the catcher, he needs to get rid of defense at least 100 cm. At this time is to test the player's eyesight. If you can't see the ball again, if you are lucky, the ball will go out of the bottom line. If you are not lucky, it will be passed directly to the opponent's defensive player. Therefore, at the moment of passing, you should not only consider the distance between the receiver and the defender, but also pay attention not to have more than one defensive player on the passing route. The ball goes out and the catcher gets the ball, but the catcher may not be able to dunk immediately unless he is close to the basket at the moment of receiving the ball. If you can't immediately dunk, lay up and so on, you have to treat the air relay as a simple aerial pass, and then make a new round of attack. In order to play up your momentum, it is suggested to launch the air relay in a certain fast break with less playing. This kind of dunk has a very high ornamental value, and there must be slow mirror playback.


Boundary ball

After a pause, a non free throw foul, or a ball out of bounds, you get a backcourt ball or a boundary ball. If the boundary ball is played in your own half, the opponent will not intercept it unless the other side implements a press tactic. If the boundary ball is played in the opponent's half court, the opponent will certainly press. At this time, you should control the catcher to bypass the defensive player, go to the vacant position, and then press the key (2) to ask the teammates to pass the boundary ball. Remember that this process is only 5 seconds. If it exceeds the time, the ball right will be owned by the opponent. When the score is 2 or 3 points away, the opponent may take the initiative to hit your basketball out of bounds, resulting in the interruption of your offensive momentum. If you can get a boundary ball at this time, please do not hesitate to run to the favorable position for a three-point long shot, which may become your winning goal.

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